About The Connection

The Connection is located on Kirani James Boulevard, St. George’s and provides: 

  • Versatile work/meeting space (by-the-hour rental)
  • Opportunities for connection and collaboration 
  • An online Community Services/Supports Directory


Provide shared work space and resources to support the needs of local initiatives to enhance their services and expand their positive impact.

The Connection is a business that fills a vital role in the community by providing shared office and meeting space. The Connection’s supportive amenities and welcoming decor offer versatile workspace on a part time or occasional basis.
In addition, The Connection facilitates opportunities to network and collaborate through hosted gatherings and a web-based community service directory.
Come to The Connection to focus on work, to meet in a professional atmosphere and to be part of an innovative community.


Create a shared office-style work space to accommodate part time rentals – hourly and hours per month.

Develop activities conducive to networking, collaboration and innovation.

Design, populate and maintain a searchable database identifying and describing island-wide initiatives, supports and related activities to promote and facilitate beneficial connections.

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