Grenada Green Group

Category : Environment
Location : Islandwide
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    Founded in 2014

    Join us in our efforts to stop litter: work with us to keep Grenada pure, clean and green.

    Call 537 9174

    Grenada Green Group (G3)
    Join us in our efforts to stop litter: work with us to keep Grenada pure, clean and green

    Grenada Green Group (G3)

    An Anti-Litter Coalition in Grenada working together with Communities to Green Grenada

    The Litter Problem

    While much has been done over the years to combat the litter issue in Grenada, there is still so much to do. Unsightly litter decreases the aesthetic quality of our public spaces, contributes to pollution on land and in our oceans and has negative impacts on our health. It is time that we all find an effective solution to littering!

    Finding Solutions

    Community groups can work alongside G3 to create a positive mindset, increase awareness, implement enforcement, share solutions and create change.

    Working Together: Partnerships

    The G3 team has liaised with Grenada’s Solid Waste Division, Spice Isle Recycling and the Beautification Committee; has surveyed ten schools, maintained a close working relationship with Grenada’s Chief Environmental Officer, joined forces with former Minister of Environment, Glynis Roberts; and has initiated partnerships with the St. Patrick’s Environmental and Community Tourism Organization (SPECTO), the Education Conservation Outreach (ECO) at St. George’s University and the Caribbean Youth Environmental Network (CYEN), in an effort to foster effective partnerships and find effective solutions. However, our greatest partnership is with you! Join forces with G3 today to combat litter in your community.

    Policy Reform

    In 2013, The G3 Team contributed amendments to the wording of Grenada’s new Litter Act and its supporting regulations, suggesting ways to combat the island’s litter problem. We advocate the use of ‘litter wardens’ – community members who serve as anti-litter activists within all communities in Grenada. We have also suggested ways to enforce the litter laws which do not involve the courts.


    Initiate a cultural change that focuses on prevention rather than cure.
    Actively promote education and awareness-raising campaigns in all communities
    Continue to foster effective partnerships

    Join us in our efforts to stop litter: work with us to keep Grenada pure, clean and green.

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