Carriacou Animal Hospital

Lauriston, Carriacou
Category : Animals
Location : Carriacou
Opening Hours

    Carriacou Animal Hospital

    Volunteer and donation run. By appointment only.

    Carriacou Animal Hospital is a privately funded, complete non-profit charity. It is entirely run by volunteers and provides veterinary services for dogs and cats with the support of local and visiting, fully qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses.

    This is a charity solely run by volunteers. Please, be respectful of their time and our opening hours and help our volunteer staff to be efficient by bringing your pets to our clinic and transporting them yourself.

    The opening hours are subject to change due to emergencies and volunteer availability. Please, phone in advance.


    (473) 443-7177

    WhatsApp number (+1 473 417 3543)

    Facebook page


    Donations ($$$, food, supplies, etc.) are always welcome and appreciated!

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