Grenada Association of Retired Persons

Kirani JamesBoulevard, Saint George's, Grenada
Opening Hours
  • Monday to Friday - 9:30 to 4:00

So many retirees who are able to provide invaluable service seem to vanish into the woodwork after retirement. GARP will not only promote a sense of belonging, but re-assert a sense of pride, accomplishment and hope for the future within senior individuals.

The association will also allow a chance to build new skills and take part in a wide variety of activities. This will allow our members to embrace retirement with validation and purpose. By forming GARP, Grenada will be linked to other arms of the association in various countries as well as creating a bond with national organizations engaged in the pre and post retirement field.

Through GARP a multitude of benefits will be extended to this experienced and dynamic age group.