Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc.

St. John St, St. George's
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    Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc. is a local non governmental organisation whose aims are promoting & protecting Grenada’s natural resources. GFC is the successor to the Rare Enterprises, Grenada project implemented from 2005 to 2008 by Rare.

    Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc. was established with the aim of helping to promote and protect Grenada’s environment, respecting the delicate balance that exists between natural resources and human needs by ensuring that people are able to benefit from the conservation of these resources in a sustainable manner.
    Its objectives are as follows:
    – To raise the profile of Grenada’s natural resources and their long term benefits to the population.
    – To provide technical expertise and assistance to groups and organizations engaged in environmental protection and public awareness activities geared at promoting and conserving the natural environment.
    – To fund and implement environmental conservation activities nationwide, in collaboration with local and overseas partners and organizations.
    – To create sustainable jobs that directly link environmental conservation to the tourism industry and benefits residents in areas of high conservation concern, thereby contributing to poverty alleviation in rural communities.
    Grenada Fund For Conservation
    St. John’s Street Unit 4, GRENCODA Resource Complex, St. George’s