Grenada Land Actors

Category : Environment
Location : Islandwide
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    Grenada Land Actors is a nonpartisan platform of professionals, CBOs, NGOs, and private land users interested in sustainable land management and governance. We are pro: -community, -environment, -sustainable development, -transparency & -accountability.

    We are championing the cause for equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development of Grenada’s land resources. Recognizing the crucial role that land plays for poverty alleviation, human wellbeing and dignity, our mission is to monitor land governance in Grenada and to ensure that citizens’ rights and interests are placed at the center of land governance.

    Our goal is to ensure developer transparency, public oversight, and government accountability. To achieve this goal, the platform welcomes the diverse voices of all Grenadians – at home and abroad, urban and rural, young and old – to bring forward constructive solutions.