Grenada Permaculture Institute

Mt. Moritz, St. George's
Category : Environment
Location : St George / Islandwide
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    Empower ALL individuals within communities of Mt. Moritz, Grenada and the rest of the world with knowledge, skills, and motivation to be self-sufficient in producing their own basic needs, while maintaining a high quality of life, and efficiently managing watersheds to preserve environmental resources for generations to come.

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    Welcome to the Grenada Permaculture Institute (GPI)! Here you’ll find updates on our ongoing development process and ways you and your organization can become involved with the Permaculture movement!

    The GPI is being created as an experiential, life-long learning and research institute where ground-up, participatory education is the main focus. A 17 acre farm site has been acquired for this ongoing project to demonstrate the principles of “Permaculture.” These principles serve to marry the people of Grenada with their natural environments in a symbiotic relationship, where benefits are maximized for Earth and her inhabitants through creative ecosystem design. By using a selective combination of traditional practices and modern technology, communities can achieve self-reliance to procure their own healthy water, soil, food, energy, shelter, ethics and profitable businesses. The GPI will serve to empower local students, international students, community groups, educators, tourists, farmers, and many others with knowledge and skills allowing them to create high standards of living within their communities while being responsible stewards of the land, air, and water; preserving natural resources for many generations of children to come.

    The GPI will be offering many learning activities and ways to become involved with opportunities such as Permaculture Design Certification courses, research projects for students, BioBlitz, educational tours, sustainable living demonstrations, green-construction projects, community building exercises, geo-tourism, and sustainable design competitions. Follow us or contact us to stay updated on ways you and your organization, school, or community can become involved with the GPI!