Grenada Planned Parenthood Association

Deponthieu Street, St. George's
Category : Health
Location : St George
Opening Hours

    Grenada Planned Parenthood Association Mission
    To improve the quality of life of Grenadians by providing Sexual & Reproductive Health information and services.


    473-440-3341 (Clinic Deponthieu St. St. George’s)

    473-440-2636 (Office Deponthieu St.)

    Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

    Products Contraceptives: IUD, Oral Pills, Injectables, Condoms, Spermicides and Emergency contraception. Non-Contraceptive SRH services include: Infertility/sub-fertility testing, pap smears, breast exams, ovulation tests, blood pressure & sugar checks, STI and HIV testing.

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