Category : Education
Opening Hours

    School Name Address Parish Contact
    3 R’s Private School Marrast Hill St. George 440-7933
    Alpha Junior School Mt. Parnassus St. George 440-1236
    Andall School Of Modern Soccer
    Paradise St. Andrew 438-2720
    Anglican High School
    Tanteen St. George 435-3592
    Beacon Learning Centre Belmont St. George 435-0026
    Beaulieu R C School Beaulieu St. George 440-2145
    Belair Government School Belair Belair St. Andrew 442-7831
    Birchgrove R C School Birchgrove St. Andrew 442-7836
    Boca Secondary School Boca St. George 440-2608
    Bonair Government School Bonair St. Mark 444-8381
    Calliste Government School Calliste St. George 444-4286
    Chantimelle R C School Chantimelle St. Patrick 442-9760
    Concord Government School Concord St. John 444-8574
    Constantine Methodist School Constantine Constantine St. George 440-4046
    Corinth Government School Corinth St. David 444-6319
    Crochu R C School Crochu St. Andrew 444-6345
    Dover Government School Dover Carriacou 443-6192
    Grace Lutheran School Woodlands St. George 435-9886
    Grand Anse Berean Pre School Grand Anse St. George 444-3767
    Grand Anse R C School Grand Anse St. George 444-4472
    Grand Roy Government School Grand Roy St. John 444-8573
    Green St Pre-Primary School Green Street St. George 440-3732
    Grenada Boys Secondary School Tanteen St. George 440-2092
    Grenada School for Special Education Limes, Grand Anse St. George 444-4446
    Grenada SDA Comprehensive School Mt. Rose 442-5727
    Grenville Secondary School Rivulet Ln, Grenville St. Andrew 442-5800
    Happy Hill R C School Happy Hill St. George 440-1028
    Happy Hill Secondary School Happy Hill St. George 440-2484
    Harvey Vale Government School Harvey Vale Carriacou 443-6194
    Hermitage Government School Hermitage St. Patrick 442-9438
    Higher Marks Educational Centre Deco Building, Mt. Gay St. George 435-9235
    Hillsborough Government School Hillsborough Carriacou 443-6193
    Hillsborough Secondary School Hillsborough Carriacou 443-7872
    Holy Cross R C School Munich St. Andrew 442-7818
    Holy Innocents Anglican School La Digue St. Andrew 442-7842
    J. W. Fletcher Catholic Secondary School St. George’s 440-2728
    L’Esterre Government School
    L’Esterre Carriacou 443-6196
    Montessori School Mont Tout St. George 439-1234
    Morne Jaloux R C School Morne Jaloux St. George 440-6088
    Mt Mortiz Anglican School Mt. Moritz St. George 440-4457
    Mt Pleasant Government School Pt. Pleasant Carriacou 443-6195
    Paraclete Government School Paraclete St. Andrew 442-7814
    Petite Martinique School Petite Martinique 443-9204
    Presentation Boys College, The Church Street St. George 440-2470
    River View Pre-Primary School River Road St. George 440-5526
    Rose Hill Catholic Infant School Rose Hill St. Patrick 442-1402
    Sandpiper Nursery School/St. George’s International School LAE St. George 405-4321
    Sam’s Academy for Excellence (SAFE) Mt. Moritz St. George 535-2774
    Samaritan Presbyterian Primary School Union St. Mark 442-9761
    School For The Deaf St. Paul’s St. George 440-2242
    Seventh Day Adventist Comprehensive School Mt. Rose St. Patrick 442-5727
    Seventh Day Adventist Primary School Archibald Avenue St. George 440-2455
    South St Geo Government School Springs St. George 440-2993
    St Andrew’s Methodist School Grenville St. Andrew 442-7717
    St Andrew’s R C Girls & Boys School St. Andrew 442-7827
    St Andrew’s School For Special Education Cookhill Road, Grenville St. Andrew 442-6697
    St Andrew’s Secondary School (SAASS) Grenville St. Andrew
    St David’s R C School St. David 444-6211
    St David’s Secondary School Thebaide St. David 443-1309
    St Dominic’s R C School Laura Land St. David 443-5596
    St George’s Anglican Junior School Church Street St. George 440-2229

    St. George’s Institute  Tempe  St. George  423-6477
    St Giles Anglican School Mt. Carmel St. Andrew 442-7821
    St John’s Anglican School Gouyave St. John 444-8332
    St John’s R C School St John 444-8119
    St Joseph’s Convent Church St, St. George’s St. George 440-3284
    St Joseph’s R C School Pomme Rose St. David 444-6313
    St Luke Anglican School New Hampshire St. George 440-8095
    St Mark’s Secondary School Waltham St. Mark 444-8216
    St Mary’s Junior School Tempe St. George 440-4498
    St Mary’s School La Fillette St. Andrew 442-7837
    St Michael’s R C School Byelands St. Andrew 442-5646
    St Patrick’s Anglican Sauteurs St. Patrick 442-9414
    St Patrick’s R C School Sauteurs St. Patrick 440-0144
    St Paul’s R C School St. Paul’s St. George 440-3311
    St Rose Modern Secondary School Gouyave St. John 440-8340
    St Theresa’s R C School Vincennes St. David 444-6436
    Stoltzfus Timothy Beaton St. David 443-5211
    Sunnyside Private School Richmond Hill St. George 440-4972
    Telescope Primary School Telescope St. Andrew 442-8441
    Tivoli R C School Tivoli St. Andrew 442-7232
    Vendomme Catholic School Vendomme St. George 440-4957
    Westerhall Secondary School Westerhall St. David 443-2129
    Westmorland School Marrast Hill St. George 440-2548
    Woburn Methodist School Woburn St. George 444-5218
    Woburn R C Infant School Woburn St. George 444-3436

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