Jean’s Hope Foundation (JHF)

Category : Health
Location : Carriacou
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    Assists with funding for medical procedures/transport for ladies of Carriacou & provides educational workshops in 1st aid & wellbeing across the island.

    Jean's Hope Foundation (JHF), is a charity set up on the small island of Carriacou, north west of Grenada in the West Indies.
    It has been set up by the local people of Carriacou to support and assist with funding for medical procedures for the women of Carriacou.
    We aim to do this through: Education, Commerce and fund-raising.
    Education: We visit the local primary schools and partake in regular workshops for First Aid, Nutrition, Wellness Awarenwess and Lifestyle choices for the nearby communities. (Early symptoms can be easier to deal with, change of lifestyle/diet choices can prevent alot of problems.)
    Commerce: We purchase local arts and crafts from the people in Carriacou, to sell in our Charity Shop. (Women able to earn additional monies, may not need the foundations financial support for their procedures.)
    Fund-raising: Ongoing monthly events will be held on the island throughout the year, with events occurring in the UK, USA, France and other overseas countries.
    To this endeavour, JHF will be seen as a charity where multi-cultures will work collectively to ensure the well-being of the women of Carriacou. As an island where visitors are regular and like to contribute to its needs.
    Our mission statement:
    "Our charity will endeavour to provide funds, where required, to ensure all women of Carriacou can receive, and complete any medical procedures deemed necessary for their wellbeing."
    "Once you choose HOPE ... anything is possible."

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