Saving Brains Grenada

Windward Islands Research & Education Foundation, True Blue, Grenada
Category : Health
Location : St George
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    Saving Brains Grenada is a multidisciplinary, multi-secctor social innovation program housed in the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation on the campus of St. George’s University. It is aimed at enhancing brain development in children by fostering adult skills in safe, connected child raising, which are basis of education and developing human capital. The current project has many parts, including: the Saving Brains bus, in collaboration with the GRENCASE Roving Caregivers; expert coaching by our Conscious Discipline coaches in Grenada pre-primary schools; assessment research on the neurodevelopmental status of Grenada children age 1-5 years; Conscious Discipline interventions and ongoing assessment research with Zika (ZIKV) exposed children; and advocacy for children born with disabilities. For more information see Conscious Discipline Grenada or Saving Brains Grenada facebook pages.

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