Spice Orchid Physiotherapy Services

Valley View, Mont Toute
Category : Health
Location : St George
Opening Hours
  • Tuesday & Thursday 10-7pm , Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 9 am - 3pm

Spice Orchid Physiotherapy Services Grenada is a holistic, personalized rehabilitation clinic. Our aim is to restore your functional independence to get you back to life as you know it.

Mobile service

Ph. 473-415-5600
Email  physionicholson@gmail.com

All Visits $150 EC
Attendance by Appointment Only

Stroke Rehabilitation
Injury Recovery Programs
Back pain & Sciatic Management
Sporting Injury Management
Work-place injury evaluation
Ergonomic Evaluations and Training

Electrotherapy- TENS & ITF
Ice/Heat Therapy
Paraffin Wax
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Cervical Traction
Spinal mobilization/Manipulations
Stretch & Strength Programs

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