Grenada Listening Project

Category : Creatives
Location : Islandwide
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    The Grenada Listening Project (GLP) is a local non-profit organization that believes compassionate communication is a pathway to:
    * bearing witness to our shared humanity (our inherent goodness & woundedness)
    * widening circles of belonging and connection
    * creating paths towards healing personal and collective trauma
    * working collectively towards transformative justice and peace.

    The GLP offers skills training workshops and listening circles in compassionate listening, conflict transformation, story exchanges, and grief tending. We work with individuals, families, community organizations, educational institutes, correctional services, and work place environments.

    The GLP believes compassionate listening is the cornerstone to transformative justice and peace. We believe in order to identify and understanding root causes of conflict, violence and collective trauma we must learn how to listen not only with our intellects but with our hearts and bodies.

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