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    VETIVER GRENADA  was created to tell the story of Vetiver Grass in Grenada. It’s past, it’s present and it’s future. It is a story of a simple and humble plant that has the power to restore degraded farmlands, stabilize infrastructure, replenish water tables, clean polluted water, and buttress vulnerable areas of coastline.

    VETIVER GRENADA will showcase well-established plantings of Vetiver Grass around Grenada that have stood the test of time, effectively preventing soil erosion for years despite no maintenance whatever.

    VETIVER GRENADA will share news of an exciting new initiative, sponsored by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme, designed to spread the knowledge and encourage the use of Vetiver by communities in the restoration and maintenance of Grenada’s agricultural and coastal land in the face of climate change.

    VETIVER GRENADA will present information on all the technological advances that have been made to perfect a system – The Vetiver System (VS), bringing together all the scientific knowledge and practical experience gained by Vetiver users and producers around the world over many years. This ‘best practice’ system ensures a high rate of success when the tried and tested methods of propagation, planting, and maintenance of Vetiver installations are employed.

    VETIVER GRENADA will encourage a return to the production of handicrafts utilizing the by-products of Vetiver – the leaves and the roots – by craft persons in Grenada. These products, including table mats, floor mats, baskets & hats, even simple bundles of Vetiver roots to deter insects, used to provide communities with self-employment opportunities and can do so again.

    VETIVER GRENADA will record and share news and photos of current and new projects utilizing and incorporating The Vetiver System (VS) as a result of increased awareness of this readily available, cost-effective green technology. Visitors to the site will be invited to submit photos of any new projects.