Y.W.C.A. Grenada

Scott Street & H. A. Blaize Street, St. George's
Opening Hours

    YWCA Grenada

    Contact information: 440-1647 or ywcagrenada@spiceisle.com

    Location: St. George’s with a branch in Grenville.
    The YWCA Grenada is an affiilate of the World YWCA which is present in 106 countries with a global membership of over 25 million women and girls.

    YWCA Grenada was established in 1889 and has continued to make a sustainable impact in the lives of young women and girls. We ammend our programmes to suit the needs of the Grenadian society, and so, we have courses ranging from: Sewing, Cake Decoration to Computer Courses and Sign Language.

    Current Classes include:
    1. Basic Sewing
    2. Basic & Advanced Cake Decoration
    3. Baking & Cooking
    4. Crochet and Knitting
    5. Floral Arrangement

    Programmes include:
    Annual Summer School
    Annual Children’s Christmas Party
    After-School Children’s Library

    We organize and implement various community projects ranging from HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaigns to Farming Projects around Grenada.

    The YWCA advocates for Safe Spaces for women and girls (and young persons in general) to meet and discuss issues affecting them, for example, HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Stigma and Discrimination, Unemployment etc.

    We lead the way in women’s leadership training and train Secondary Students, other organizations, individuals and companies.

    As part of a global movement, the YWCA Grenada offers various opportunities for travelling for the purpose of learning… include the World YWCA Council held every 4 years in a different part of the world, YWCA Caribbean Trainings held every 2 years on average, HIV/AIDS-themed Conferences, Exchange Programmes and more.

    We are a volunteer-based organization and we are always looking for Volunteers to help us as we help Grenada.

    We accept donations of cash, clothing, books and other items for our outreach programmes and Library.